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Friday, September 18, 2015
Dear Proleague:
Clocks are not bombs.
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
You shouldn't do the same thing every time. You should sometimes do widow mine drops. If you're Maru, you should always do widow mine drops. If you don't do widow mine drops, I recommend the following:

CC First! I'm on record as hating reapers. You should sometimes build reapers. But this is a CC First build. After your CC First you're gonna go 3 Rax. This is the Bomber build that Flash now likes.

It's up to you how you wanna deal with stalkers. I recommend scouting, and turtling on suspicion, but you could also ignore or build bunkers straight up. If you're not turtling, build a 3rd CC.

Your 3rd CC is gonna be a planetary, so take 4 gas and get an EBay, then tech up.

What is going on? Let me explain. Terran's inherent edge against Protoss is the ability to outmacro, by expanding faster and using MULEs.

In the beginning, Protoss has the macro edge, due to Chronoboost. So it's valuable to reach a state of macro advantage, and one way to do that is to build 3 CCs.

The Planetary is because all you care about is maintaining that 3rd CC. That Planetary, plus whatever Marines and Marauders you got, will hold off just about anything. In fact, I recommend building a second Ebay and researching HiSec, because it makes Planetaries twice as good! You don't need to build an Orbital because 2 MULEs is enough. You can build more Orbitals later for the Scan energy.

Then you deny their 3rd until they're dead. If you need to build a 4th base, it should also be a Planetary. Just wear them down until they're dead. Play them like Zerg plays you. And you will win.
Wednesday, September 02, 2015
The lowest-cost Protoss unit is 100 minerals. That's twice the cost of a Marine, and four times the cost of a Zergling, though Zerglings also cost Larvae, a resource other races don't use.

This is a fundamental flaw, which affects Protoss's entire game. It's part of the reason the Mothership Core is necessary. The Mothership Core is an unfortunate byproduct of a bad design.

The base Protoss Unit should cost no more than 75 minerals. And I think it should be a flying saucer! It would get crushed by Marines and be positionally useful in warding off Zerglings. Also it could scout.

I think the Zealot should be a late-game unit. I think they should come with Charge. I think they should be enabled by the Twilight Council or enabled by researching Charge. They should be more expensive, faster, and more damaging.

I think all Protoss buildings should be balls of energy, and thus have all of their hit points in shields. I think Photon Overcharge should be a feature of all Nexus, should cost minerals as well as energy, and should increase shield recharge rate. I think Pylons should heal (friendly) Protoss units, and I don't think Pylons should allow unit warp-ins.


I think Time Warp should be a power of High Templars, or maybe Tempests. I think recall should be a power of Carriers, and there should be no Mothership. A Protoss Mothership would cover the entire board! That's the only way Protoss makes sense.


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