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Monday, March 07, 2005
check this guy out!
rob stratton hit two home runs today. he's the most insane freak i've ever seen. in 2001, he struck out 201 times in 483 at-bats in the eastern league. he also had 60 extra-base hits. of course, that was an improvement over the year before, when he struck out 180 times in only 381 at-bats in the florida state league. he had 51 extra-base hits that time, 29 of them homers.

this is funny: in 2002 he got 80 at-bats in colorado springs. he struck out 42 times. of those 38 times he made contact, however, 7 of them went for home runs. but my favorite year is 2003, when he played in albuquerque. in 372 at-bats, he struck out 175 times, and hit 32 home runs, compared to 12 doubles.

like i said, this guy's a freak.

it goes on. in 2004, it seems he decided to swing at everything, for he struck out 54 times and walked twice (109 at-bats). but then he went to louisville and straightened out a bit, only striking out 35 times in 119 at-bats, with 9 walks and 24(!) extra-base hits. here are his walconpow's:

name tm age aab w k hr 23 wal con pow avg
Rob Stratton frn 26 110 3 54 3 3 .027 .509 .107 .183
Rob Stratton lou 26 121 9 35 12 12 .069 .711 .279 .353

that louisville line is semi-respectable. while at the same time being hilarious. can he do it at the major-league level? maybe he can. maybe he learned something in his fifth minor-league organization. we shall see.

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