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Sunday, August 28, 2005
ben sheets tore his back

it happened in the 8th inning, on his 103rd pitch. then he threw another one.

pitchers get hurt when they are tired.

. . . whoa this article got changed. after i started writing about it. the yahoo article got changed after i started writing about it.

it used to say "sheets pitched nine innings four of his last five starts." apparently that is no longer pertinent information.

i'm not kidding. it said that. now it doesn't.

but the point is he *did* pitch 9 innings 4 of his last 5 starts. these things must be recorded.

on august 20, 2005, ben sheets threw 121 pitches.

on august 15, 2005, ben sheets threw 98 pitches.

on august 10, 2005, ben sheets threw 98 pitches.

on august 5, 2005, ben sheets threw 126 pitches.

on july 30, 2005, ben sheets threw 116 pitches.

it goes on. he threw 120 pitches the start before that. he threw 79 pitches the start before that. 94. 108. 103. 103.

what's the big deal? most pitchers throw 100 pitches in a game.

this is not most pitchers. this is ben sheets. he was *already injured* this season. this season. he was already injured this season.

we have *got* to start taking care of our pitchers. we ride them and ride them and ride them until they break. and then we get a new one. look at his career. look at all the innings he threw. 216. 220. 237. come on. didn't we learn anything with doc gooden? with kerry wood? how bout with mark prior?

pitchers get hurt. bullshit. we hurt our pitchers.
Monday, August 22, 2005
the language of the warrior
source: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/recap?gid=250821124

jason schmidt beat the cardinals sunday. many of the players were new to him.

``That can be the worst thing, when you get a bunch of guys up there you haven't seen a lot,'' he said.

this statement is patently false. when the batters have not seen him, the pitcher has the advantage.

so why would he say that?

translation: "despite the fact that i have an edge here, i must do everything i can to play my best. i must not underestimate my opponent."
they're stealing the horses, and no one cares
source: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/recap?gid=250821128

jason vargas pitched well, but threw too many pitches.

Vargas (4-1) struck out seven, tying his season high, and walked one in his fifth major league start. He threw 117 pitches, the last striking out Antonio Perez to end the game.

jack mckeon was excited about the danger to his young pitcher's future.

``I was hoping the kid would get the shutout, but I'm glad he finished,'' Marlins manager Jack McKeon said. ``Now he knows he can go out there and complete a game.''

this is an outrage. it must be stopped. managers must be held accountable. owners must be held accountable. major league baseball must be held accountable.

why do we care about steroids? is it because of the damage to players' bodies? is it really? are you sure? or is it jealousy?

because the treatment of young pitchers by criminals like jack mckeon is a thousand times more damaging than steroids.

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