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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
you heard it here first
jose reyes and derek jeter. the year of the shortstop.
kyle davies just doesn't get it
you don't walk the leadoff hitter.

saying that to him is not gonna make him get it. he'll say "i'm not trying to walk people."

but you are, kyle. when you give every hitter a 2-0 count, you're trying to walk people. when you try to throw a pitch on the corner, you're trying to walk people, because your control is not that good.

don't walk the leadoff hitter. don't get behind 1-0. don't get behind 2-0. don't get behind 3-0. don't get behind 3-1. if you throw a strike, and it's 0-1, don't let it get to 1-1. throw another strike. then you have it 0-2. then you have some options. throw something he's going to swing at.

so far, your greatest enemy is yourself.
Sunday, May 13, 2007
baseball is a sport. sports are dangerous.
i'm gonna have to come out against pink bats, pink sweatbands, and especially pink catcher's gear.

nowhere in any sport do you see anybody wearing pink. there's a reason for that. sports are aggressive. pink has been proven to reduce aggression. when there's something interfering with an athlete's natural aggressive instincts, injuries result.

wearing pink makes a mockery of the game. but worse than that, it's dangerous. you're not gonna find football players wearing pink. or basketball players. when you put baseball players in pink, you're ignoring the fact that baseball is a dangerous game.

we need to let baseball players play baseball, and stop fucking with them.
Tuesday, May 08, 2007
rotoworld is bullshit
rotoworld makes me laugh out loud sometimes. here's the latest:

Hairston has his uses, but the Rangers should be employing Marlon Byrd as Kenny Lofton's platoonmate, not going with Hairston in center.

i've thought seriously about making this a "rotoworld is bullshit" blog, but hatin is not what i'm about.
Monday, May 07, 2007
just tossin it out there . . .
steroids ban, rampant pitching injuries . . .


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