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Thursday, September 29, 2005
pennant fever
this is what i was gonna hate on: the times had an article about how vecsey i think wrote it the wild card is so great because four teams have a chance east and central one of them will not make it. great.

but no wild card would be better you would have two division races each with a loser and a winner. two would make it two would not. better.

dmitri young is a bitch
2 on, 0 out against bobby jenks. bobby is known to be wild, and he has already walked someone. what does dmeat hook do?

first pitch, fastball, low and outside. swing.

second pitch, change up, high and outside. swing.

he could have taken either of those pitches. he should have taken both. bobby *will* miss one. no i know it's hard to recognize a pitch and know it's not a strike when the fastball is 97 miles an hour. that's not what i'm saying. i'm saying you decide *before* the pitch that you are not going to swing. then, you decide *before* the pitch that you are not going to swing. he will miss one of them. instead, he's down 0 and 2 against bobby jenks. game over.

oh it was a curveball. swing. miss. out.

i was gonna hate on someone else but i can't remember.

update on the sheets article: his "injury" was actually an inner ear infection. so i fucked that up. but he did have back problems last year. so the point is valid. in spirit. true.

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