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Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Talented and Intelligent Player
Nick Johnson retires.
Thursday, January 10, 2013
Writers Snub Biggio to Aggrandize Themselves
If you don't wanna vote for Bonds, fine. Don't vote for Bonds. But get over yourselves.

Let's take this opportunity to celebrate Craig Biggio.

Craig Biggio came in as a catcher, and displayed an intelligent approach at the plate, an intelligent approach on the bases, and an ability to make contact. A few years later he switched to second base, and continued to improve his offensive production. He developed power, increased his volume and percentages on the basepaths, and did everything he could to get on base, as reflected in his fantastic HBP totals. He provided value in every way possible.

There are very few players who have added more wins to their team in their career than Craig Biggio. At the plate, he was patient, he got on base, and he hit for power. He was a challenge for any pitcher, and he rarely even grounded into double plays. In the field, he played catcher, middle infield, and center field. Those are the most important places to play. On the bases, he was a constant threat, and a very rare out. That is the theme that keeps coming up. He didn't make outs. Not making outs is how you win.

Second base is one of the 4 important defensive positions. If I were to choose a second baseman, I might choose Craig Biggio, and I might choose Joe Morgan. Writers have historically overlooked second-basemen, and in this case they snubbed one of the greatest.

In other news, Jacob Ruppert, Deacon White, and Hank O'Day made the hall. Who the fuck are they? I don't know.

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