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Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Yankees win trade, Detroit finishes second, Diamondbacks lose
The Yankees got a superstar center fielder and gave up nothing. Austin Jackson is not gonna make it. He strikes out too much. Phil Coke is a guy. Ian Kennedy has injury problems. If he turns out to be healthy, ok, but the EV of the situation is not good.

Detroit got Scherzer, because the Diamondbacks are morons. They had such a great collection of talent a few years ago, and they ruined it with repeated stupidity. That's what you get for putting an agent in charge. Scherzer is an actual talent. The rest of the crap they got... look Edwin Jackson is ok, but he's not the type of pitcher that will succeed in Arizona. The thin air will send his pitches flying. And he's more expensive than Scherzer. The Kennedy thing. We discussed that.

The other guy is a guy.

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