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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
arbitrary contracts
dotel gets $4.75 million. cheap at twice the price.

gagne gets $19 million for two years. oh, i guess twice the price would be gagne's salary. what's brad lidge making?

beckett's getting $2.4 million. well at least it's more than santana made last year. beckett could easily win the cy. johnson, lidge, and sheets were the only acceptable choices this time.

bj ryan, who struck out 122, gets $2.8 million.

corey patterson gets $2.8 million. ryan is way more valuable:

Player aab w k hr 23 wal con pow avg
patterson,corey 632 50 168 24 39 .073 .734 .136 .266

he's a soriano/sosa.

devil rays get paid too. if jorge sosa ever gets his walks down, he'll be somebody.

mark bellhorn has found a home. he's getting $2.7 million.

marcus giles asks for $2.7 million. that's a super-bargain. he made $430,000 last year.

barrett, farnsworth, and patterson sign. farnsworth ain't even making $2 million. barrett is a find. i don't know why oakland didn't keep him. they made a number of bad offseason moves last year.

sean burroughs, 24, signs contract.

alex cora gets $2.7 million for 2 years. that's a lot of second-basemen.

phillies signed contracts.

pirates signed contracts.

young pitchers are interesting.

ron villone has money.

pedro feliz.

arroyo gets $1.85 million.

marquis gets $3 million. this is where major league baseball saves its money.

there's more check it out if you want to.
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