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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
kyle davies just doesn't get it
you don't walk the leadoff hitter.

saying that to him is not gonna make him get it. he'll say "i'm not trying to walk people."

but you are, kyle. when you give every hitter a 2-0 count, you're trying to walk people. when you try to throw a pitch on the corner, you're trying to walk people, because your control is not that good.

don't walk the leadoff hitter. don't get behind 1-0. don't get behind 2-0. don't get behind 3-0. don't get behind 3-1. if you throw a strike, and it's 0-1, don't let it get to 1-1. throw another strike. then you have it 0-2. then you have some options. throw something he's going to swing at.

so far, your greatest enemy is yourself.
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