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Saturday, January 07, 2006
rotoworld sucks
if you wanna read every rumor, they're good for that. personally i don't go for rumors. but their analysis sucks.

anyway they're reporting that the blue jays are paying 7.35 million of the 11.6 million dollars owed to koskie over the next two years. if that's true, the deal isn't nearly as good as i thought it was. but they still got rid of corey koskie.

it looks like koskie and hall will platoon at third. that's a waste of a good player (hall). it's true that koskie was much less terrible against righties than lefties. but that's no excuse to sit a better player.

i read one page of news today, and i almost puked five times. here's the page, and the places i almost puked:

Jorge Sosa - R - Braves

Braves GM John Schuerholz indicated that Jorge Sosa wasn't a possibility in his team's search for a closer.
"Some would argue he was our most consistent starter, so I don't anticipate that," Schuerholz said. "He was so valuable when he took over the starter role." With Kyle Davies ready to step into the rotation and Chuck James not far behind, the Braves could part with either John Thomson or Horacio Ramirez for bullpen help. Danys Baez is one of their targets. Jan. 7 - 2:22 pm et

ok at first i was like "why is it news that jorge sosa isn't going to be a closer?" but then i was like "who is chuck james?"

i'll tell you who chuck james is.

Career Pitching Statistics for Chuck James:
Year Team Lg. Age Org Lvl IP H HR BB SO WAL CON HRP ERA
2003 Danville App 21 Atl Rk 50.1 26 1 19 68 .097 .616 .009 1.25
2004 Rome SAL 22 Atl A 132.0 92 6 48 156 .090 .680 .018 2.25
2005 Myrtle Beach Caro 23 Atl A 41.2 20 1 8 59 .052 .593 .012 1.08
2005 Mississippi Sou 23 Atl AA 86.0 62 4 18 104 .053 .675 .019 2.09
2005 Richmond IL 23 Atl AAA 33.2 21 4 10 30 .076 .754 .043 3.48
2005 Atlanta Brav NL 23 Atl MLB 5.2 4 0 3 5 .125 .762 .000 1.59

chuck james is a bad mutherfucker. he tore the shit out of a-ball so bad they moved him to double-a. then he tore the shit out of that, so they moved him to triple-a. he wasn't done, so they put him in the show. altogether he struck out 198 batters in 167 innings.

Pedro Martinez - S - Mets

The Bergen Record's Bob Klapisch speculates that Pedro Martinez's toe isn't a significant problem and he's using the injury as an eventual excuse to bow out of the WBC.
According to Klapisch, friends say Pedro isn't crazy about pitching in the tournament, but has no way of taking himself off the roster without incurring the wrath of the entire Dominican Republic. The toe injury would give him a good reason to skip the tournament, especially if the Mets push for him to do so. We'd certainly feel better about Pedro from a fantasy perspective if he didn't pitch, and the Mets would prefer to see him save those innings for September and maybe October. Jan. 7 - 2:11 pm et
Source: Bergen Record

reporting on speculation. good stuff. but they got a point that the world baseball classic is bullshit.

Luis Rivas - 2B - Twins

With Willie Harris still desiring too much money, the Rockies have started focusing on Luis Rivas as they search for a utilityman.
Josh Wilson could be an option, but he needs a year in Triple-A. Rivas would be an acceptable choice as a backup, we suppose. If he's the primary protection at second base, Luis Gonzalez would be a safer pick on draft day. Jan. 7 - 2:04 pm et
Source: Denver Post

luis rivas is a totally usable player.

Adam LaRoche - 1B - Braves

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution believes Adam LaRoche will get a chance to play every day as a result of Julio Franco's departure to the Mets.
We remain skeptical. LaRoche has hit .206/.299/.338 in 68 AB against lefties the last two years, and cheap, right-handed-hitting first basemen aren't hard to find. Kevin Millar, Matthew LeCroy or Jose Hernandez are all still out there, and there several minor league veterans who could do the job just fine. The Braves could also consider trying switch-hitting Wilson Betemit in that role, though he hit righties quite a bit better than lefties last season. Jan. 7 - 1:56 pm et
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

68 at-bats. 68 at-bats??? see, this is the thing. they act like they're all smart and scientific and shit, and then they talk about 68 at-bats. 68 at-bats is nothing.

they're such freakin morons. it's intolerable. they think they're baseball prospectus. they take all the mistakes of baseball prospectus, and amplify them 1,000 times.

let me explain. baseball prospectus has certain conceptual problems. in a nutshell, they underestimate the importance of defense, hitting for contact, and various pitching aspects. and stealing bases.

but they're responsible about statistical practice. they won't talk about a small sample size like it's significant. they're not total freakin morons. rotoworld exaggerates the mistakes of baseball prospectus. they think russell branyan is good. they also don't understand statistics.

end of rant. start of another one:

Corey Koskie - 3B - Brewers

The Brewers will pay only $4.25 million of the $11.6 million that Corey Koskie is owed over the next two years, according to the Toronto Sun.
Toronto really should have traded Shea Hillenbrand instead, and the Twins look even worse now for not taking the Jays' proposal when they had the chance. The Brewers apparently will have to pay most of the $6.5 million that Koskie would earn in 2008 if his vesting option kicks in. It's not likely to happen, though, as he'd need 600 plate appearances either this season or next. Jan. 7 - 1:49 pm et
Source: Toronto Sun

shea hillenbrand is a million times better than corey koskie. that's actually not that far off, if you're talking value over replacement level. regardless, koskie does not make contact. rotoworld does not see this, so they fail to recognize that his career is almost over. hillenbrand, on the other hand, makes fantastic contact. he is a very good player in low-run environments.

Career Batting Statistics for Shea Hillenbrand:
Year Team Lg. Age Org Lvl AAB W K HR 23 WAL CON POW AVG
1996 Lowell NYPL 21 Bos A 279 18 32 2 20 .061 .885 .089 .315
1997 Michigan Midw 22 Bos A 224 9 20 3 16 .039 .911 .093 .290
1997 Sarasota FSL 22 Bos A 220 7 29 2 12 .031 .868 .073 .295
1998 Michigan Midw 23 Bos A 498 19 49 19 37 .037 .902 .125 .349
1999 Trenton East 24 Bos AA 282 14 27 7 15 .047 .904 .086 .259
2000 Trenton East 25 Bos AA 531 27 39 11 38 .048 .927 .100 .323
2001 Boston Red S AL 26 Bos MLB 472 20 61 12 22 .041 .871 .083 .263
2002 Boston Red S AL 27 Bos MLB 639 37 95 18 47 .055 .851 .119 .293
2003 Tucson PCL 28 Ari AAA 10 0 1 0 1 .000 .900 .111 .300
2003 Boston Red S AL 28 Bos MLB 189 11 26 3 17 .055 .862 .123 .303
2003 Az Diamondba NL 28 Ari MLB 335 19 44 17 19 .054 .869 .124 .267
2004 Az Diamondba NL 29 Ari MLB 568 36 49 15 39 .060 .914 .104 .310
2005 Toronto Blue AL 30 Tor MLB 597 48 79 18 38 .074 .868 .108 .291

.868, .914, .869, .862 . . . those are good numbers.

Jeff Weaver - S - Dodgers

The Dodgers plan to resume talks with Jeff Weaver this weekend, but they don't want to go longer than three years and Weaver is still seeking a four- or five-year deal worth about $10 million per season.
There have been no discussions about a one-year deal. The Dodgers face a Sunday deadline with Weaver. Jan. 7 - 1:35 pm et
Source: Los Angeles Times

that's hilarious that weaver could get 10 million a year.

Julian Tavarez - R - Cardinals

The Dodgers have some interest in free agent Julian Tavarez as they seek to replace Duaner Sanchez in their pen.
GM Ned Colletti indicated that there wasn't as much interest in fellow free-agent right-hander Jim Brower. Jan. 7 - 1:33 pm et
Source: Los Angeles Times

Tadahito Iguchi - 2B - White Sox

Tadahito Iguchi has decided against playing for Japan in the World Baseball Classic.
Not nearly as big of a loss for Japan as Hideki Matsui, but with Kenji Johjima also sitting out the tournament, the club will be without three top position players. "This is the second year of my two-year contract with the White Sox," Iguchi told Kyodo News. "The team expects more from me than in the first year, so I would have to be in spring training." Jan. 7 - 1:27 pm et
Source: The Associated Press

this isn't soccer. you can't just throw a world cup and expect people to come. baseball players get injured. pitchers especially. and spring training is important.

Byung-Hyun Kim - S - Rockies

Byung-Hyun Kim's deal with the Rockies is believed to include an option for 2007 and be worth $1.5 million.
He'll reportedly be guaranteed $1.25 million and a $250,000 buyout. The deal looks even better for the Rockies with the option attached. If Kim pitches again this year like he did last year, there's the risk that someone outside of Colorado would notice it and want to give him Scott Elarton money. Jan. 7 - 4:21 am et
Source: Rocky Mountain News

Eli Marrero - OF - Orioles

The Rockies are close to signing Eli Marrero to a minor league contract, according to the Rocky Mountain News.
Some portion of the deal will be guaranteed, but it won't be as a major league contract, as the Rockies don't want to add him to the 40-man roster. The expectation will be that he'll have a roster spot as a reserve. Jan. 7 - 4:18 am et
Source: Rocky Mountain News

Manny Ramirez - OF - Red Sox

One source close to negotiations told the Boston Globe that the Red Sox have instructed the Orioles to work out a restructured contract for Manny Ramírez and that they would then settle on the players to make a deal for Miguel Tejada.
Seems unlikely to us. Agent Greg Genske said last night he has not been authorized by the commissioner's office to talk with the Orioles about a new deal for Ramírez, who is owed $57 million over the next three years. The Red Sox have reportedly offered Ramírez and Matt Clement for Tejada and Jay Gibbons, but that's negotiable. They're also still considering Julio Lugo, with the Globe suggesting that Lugo could play center field if the Red Sox acquire both. Obviously, that's another huge long shot. Jan. 7 - 4:01 am et
Source: Boston Globe

Jay Payton - OF - Athletics

According to the Boston Globe, the Red Sox and A's did discuss a deal that would send Jay Payton back to Boston.
We would have assumed that was a relationship that had no chance of being revisited. The conversations were probably be part of a David Wells trade, but the Globe gave no indication that the possibility was still alive now. Payton does make a lot more sense in center field for the Red Sox than in left field for the A's. His bat just isn't much of an asset in a corner, though his presence in Oakland now does give the team the best defensive outfield in either league. Jan. 7 - 3:56 am et
Source: Boston Globe

Rich Aurilia - 2B - Reds

Rich Aurilia remains likely to re-sign with the Reds, although he still has issues with how the playing time would be handed out, according to the Cincinnati Post.
Agent Barry Axelrod said Aurilia has spoken with Reds manager Jerry Narron about how playing time might be divvied up, and all parties involved understand that Aurilia will not be penciled in as the everyday second baseman if he signs, though he could get the majority of the time at the position. Axelrod is annoyed that he doesn't have any other offers to play off the Reds' proposal. "I'm a little surprised that there's not more interest," said Axelrod. "You see guys like (Jose) Vizcaino sign, and Junior Spivey, and Richie just blows them away statistically." He hardly blows Spivey away, but the huge difference is that Aurilia will cost a draft pick and the others don't. This is Axelrod's own fault. Aurilia should have accepted arbitration from the Reds or not entered into an arrangement in which he delined to accept it beforehand. Since he didn't, he's stuck with little in the way of alternatives. Jan. 7 - 2:03 am et
Source: Cincinnati Post

J.T. Snow - 1B - Red Sox

Red Sox signed first baseman J.T. Snow, who had been with the Giants, to a one-year, $2 million contract.
The Red Sox were so excited that they couldn't wait until tomorrow to announce it after Snow passed his physical tonight. How much playing time Snow receives will depend on Kevin Youkilis' performance and maybe Mike Lowell's, since Youk could move back to third if Lowell struggles. This signing works best if Snow is held to about 250 at-bats. Jan. 7 - 12:44 am et

Corey Koskie - 3B - Brewers

Corey Koskie is expected to remain primarily a third baseman after being acquired from the Blue Jays tonight.
He does add protection in case Prince Fielder struggles at first base, but for now, it looks like Bill Hall is the player with a reduced role. "I talked to Bill Hall today and told him we had a chance to get a player [who would affect Hall's role]," GM Doug Melvin said. "Nothing had been done at that point, but being the guy that he his, he understood it." Koskie likely will sit against lefties, giving him less fantasy value than he might had on another team. Jan. 7 - 12:40 am et
Source: Brewers.mlb.com

Bill Hall - SS - Brewers

Brewers GM Doug Melvin indicated tonight that newly acquired Corey Koskie would see a lot of time at third base, which was supposed to be Bill Hall's position.
Hall had a 967 OPS against lefties and a 793 OPS against righties last season. Since some level of decline is likely, we really like the idea of having him platoon with Koskie at third base. We're not sure Koskie is much if any better of a solution than Russell Branyan, but he does have a defensive advantage there. Hopefully, Branyan will be traded to a team that could use his power. Jan. 7 - 12:38 am et
Source: Brewers.mlb.com

Career Batting Statistics for Russell Branyan:
Year Team Lg. Age Org Lvl AAB W K HR 23 WAL CON POW AVG
1994 Burlington App 18 Cle Rk 171 25 64 5 10 .128 .626 .140 .211
1995 Columbus SAL 19 Cle A 277 27 120 19 14 .089 .567 .210 .256
1996 Columbus SAL 20 Cle A 482 62 166 40 24 .114 .656 .203 .268
1997 Kinston Caro 21 Cle A 297 52 94 27 28 .149 .684 .271 .290
1997 Akron East 21 Cle AA 137 28 56 12 4 .170 .591 .198 .234
1998 Akron East 22 Cle AA 163 35 58 16 14 .177 .644 .286 .294
1998 Cleveland In AL 22 Cle MLB 4 0 2 0 0 .000 .500 .000 .000
1999 Buffalo IL 23 Cle AAA 395 52 187 30 12 .116 .527 .202 .208
1999 Cleveland In AL 23 Cle MLB 38 4 19 1 2 .095 .500 .158 .211
2000 Buffalo IL 24 Cle AAA 231 30 93 21 11 .115 .597 .232 .245
2000 Cleveland In AL 24 Cle MLB 194 26 76 16 9 .118 .608 .212 .238
2001 Cleveland In AL 25 Cle MLB 320 41 132 20 18 .114 .588 .202 .232
2002 Cincinnati R NL 26 Cin MLB 219 36 86 16 10 .141 .607 .195 .244
2002 Cleveland In AL 26 Cle MLB 163 17 65 8 4 .094 .601 .122 .205
2003 Louisville IL 27 Cin AAA 49 10 15 1 5 .169 .694 .176 .327
2003 Cincinnati R NL 27 Cin MLB 177 28 69 9 12 .137 .610 .194 .216
2004 Buffalo IL 28 Cle AAA 319 47 102 25 18 .128 .680 .198 .288
2004 Richmond IL 28 Atl AAA 28 14 11 1 0 .333 .607 .059 .179
2004 Milwaukee Br NL 28 Mil MLB 160 22 68 11 12 .121 .575 .250 .234
2005 Nashville PCL 29 Mil AAA 17 3 8 1 4 .150 .529 .556 .294
2005 Milwaukee Br NL 29 Mil MLB 202 39 80 12 11 .162 .604 .189 .257

his problem is he can't hit a thrown baseball.

the other thing is bill hall is 26. 26-year-olds usually improve.

Miguel Tejada - SS - Orioles

Two sources confirmed to the Philadelphia Inquirer that the Phillies have offered Bobby Abreu for Miguel Tejada. However, the Phillies have learned that Tejada isn't interested in playing third base.
Tejada doesn't have no-trade protection, but if he lands in a situation he doesn't like, he could demand a trade following the season and become a free agent if he isn't granted one. The Inquirer suggests that if the hurdles could somehow be worked out, the Phillies could also ask Baltimore for LaTroy Hawkins while surrendering either Robinson Tejeda or Gavin Floyd in a deal. However, it's unlikely that anything will materialize here. Jan. 6 - 11:56 pm et
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Corey Koskie - 3B - Brewers

Brewers acquired third baseman Corey Koskie from the Blue Jays for RHP Brian Wolfe.
An unexpected destination. We assume some cash is also involved. The Brewers could use Koskie over Bill Hall at third base or Prince Fielder at first base. We're going to guess it's the latter, but we think the best solution might be to play Koskie at third against righties and Hall against lefties. Of course, if the Brewers were open to something like that, they could have just went with Russell Branyan. Wolfe, 25, was a Twins prospect before joining the Brewers organization last year. He's unlikely to have a career as a reliever. Jan. 6 - 11:24 pm et

there is no way corey koskie would take time from prince fielder. the stated purpose of the overbay trade was to make room for fielder. they have been hyping him the entire off-season.

Jeff Kent - 2B - Dodgers

Jeff Kent will undergo surgery on his right wrist Tuesday to remove scar tissue and will need six weeks to recover.
From what we understand, he's been having trouble washing his truck. "It's more precautionary than anything else," GM Ned Colletti said. "Throwing a baseball, he's got no problems. Swinging a bat, he's got no problems. He does have some discomfort when it's not baseball-related. The choice is to get it rectified as soon as possible." Unless he has a setback this spring, Kent's stock remains unchanged. Jan. 6 - 9:48 pm et

Jose Lima - S - Royals

Trying to set the record straight, agent Robert Klein said he had talked with the Padres and Twins about free agent Jose Lima, but that no deal has been struck.
The Twins would only consider him as a middle reliever, we assume. We hope. Jan. 6 - 8:03 pm et
Source: Royals.mlb.com

hatin is tiring.
wrt adam laroche:

kevin millar? jose hernandez? matthew lecroy?

you gotta be kiddin me.
plus, they got matt diaz.
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