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Friday, January 21, 2005
belief requires risk
peña still believes

that's funny, when i clicked on that link i expected it to be about carlos peña. carlos has, in the past, been considered a prospect, by certain unnamed baseball prospectuses. but he's really not very good, and will not be a starter in the major leagues much longer.

year aab w k hr 23 wal con pow avg
2001 62 10 17 3 5 .139 .726 .178 .258
2002 399 44 111 17 21 .099 .722 .132 .242
2003 456 59 123 18 27 .115 .730 .135 .248
2004 486 73 146 27 26 .131 .700 .156 .241

the problem is the strikeouts. he turns 27 this year, so he's in his prime. he's just got too far to go. if any of these numbers were a little higher, i'd say he's got a shot, but it's just too unrealistic.

i hate to be a naysayer. we're rootin for ya, carlos!

i guess i didn't really mean that. but i mean to mean it.

and tony peña? of course he still believes; that's his job!

was that mean? am i just mean all the time? it was supposed to be funny. i'm a very pretty lady. man. 8-year-old boy.

what else? clemens is rich. who's gonna win the central? hell if i know. cardinals, i guess, if pujols stays healthy. cubs, if prior and wood stay healthy.

go ahead, ask me. i know everything.

finally, the indians signed casey blake. $5.4 million for 2 years. they say they're gonna play him in the outfield because they got aaron boone at third base. so now they got juan gonzalez, coco crisp, grady sizemore, jody gerut, and casey blake in the outfield. and ryan ludwick, but he doesn't count. whatever, that's cool. these are all guys, at the moment. in fact, the entire team is guys, except for victor martinez. travis hafner. some useful pitching.

blake turns 32 this year. he's not gonna get any better. but he's a usable player at any of the four corners or dh. with all these interchangeable parts, a good manager should be able to keep the team rested and at peak performance all season. eric wedge, is he good? i don't know.

they'll beat the white sox this year. i'm always a year ahead with my predictions.

no crisp sizemore phillips peralta that's a lot of youth that's a lot of candidates for breakout seasons. young teams tend to outperform projections. expectations. what people think. what do you think?
i'm a pretty lady. a very pretty lady.
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