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Sunday, January 24, 2016
Top 28 ships, revised
The last list was wrong. Here is the new list.

1. Lanius B - It starts dominating immediately and keeps dominating until the end of the game.

2. Crystal B - I accept all arguments that this one is most powerful, because they're true.

3. Mantis B - 4-teleporter and Defense Drone 1. Much worse than #2, and much better than the rest.

4. Mantis C - 4-teleporter and a great crew.

5. Engi A - Drones, Med-bots, Engi, and the best weapon in the game.

6. Kestrel B - Destroyer out of the gate, strong with any build, good crew.

7. Zoltan B - Zoltan shields and 2 Ion Blasts make every build powerful.

8. Slug A - Best starting weaponry hauls in cash by killing target crew without destroying ship.

9. Kestrel C - Dual Lasers, Ion Stunner, and a Lanius on a Kestrel.

10. Slug C -  Oxygen hack for crew death.

11. Zoltan C -  Zoltan shields and drones make a strong late game.

12. Zoltan A - Zoltan shields and Halberd Beam take you far.

13. Stealth A - No shields, but cloaking, Long-range Scanners, and Dual Lasers are powerful.

14. Lanius A - It's good but it's tough to get going.

15. Crystal A - Good crew and weapons.

16. Mantis A - Good crew and teleport.

17. Kestrel A - Burst Laser 2 on a Kestrel.

18. Engi C - Dual Lasers, Drones, Hacking, and a Lanius. Poor synergy but powerul builds.

19. Federation A - Burst Laser 2, good crew, and artillery end value.

20. Rock C - Good crew. Can kill things early, but soon will need upgrades.

21. Rock B - Good crew and Fire Bomb is great if you get teleport.

22. Stealth B - Get the Pre-igniter.

23. Federation B - Dual Lasers, a Zoltan crewmember, and Artillery Beam, but a difficult start.

24. Federation C - Lots of potential but very difficult.

25. Slug B - Tough start but it can be good.

26. Stealth C - Drones and Long-range scanners are good, but no shields and no cloaking is bad.

27. Rock A - Missiles do not combine well with missiles.

28. Engi B - 1 crewmember is very bad. Still fun though because you can restart if you don't get crew.

Kestrels gained a lot here, and the Federations lost a lot. Slug A also gets recognized. Basically I considered start value instead of just end combinations.
very well done. guess its time to battle the mother ship few more times
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