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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
world series prediction: mets
i wanted to make this prediction when i picked my divisions. i thought it would be clever to have the braves in first place and the mets winning the series. but i didn't for some reason.

the mets have all the ingredients for a successful playoff team though. they got reyes. they got billy wagner. and they're gonna have pedro.
Doesn't look like Pedro will be a factor, even though he is about to come back. Red Sox are the %% pick to win.
Hey Julien are you doing fantasy baseball this season?

Uh, hey Julien,

How are you? In Philly, I see. What's up with your other blog? Drug experiments?

Hope you are well,

Hey Julien,

I hope you return with your analysis of the Baseball America prospects. I really enjoyed reading them the last couple of years. They were very impressive.
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