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Thursday, April 05, 2007
philadelphia boos
it's painful to watch a game in philadelphia. i'm not talking about the team, i'm talking about the fans.

baseball is difficult game to play. it requires concentration and optimism. booing only makes it harder.

philadelphia, do you want your team to win?

these players work hard. it's a special privelege to be in the major leagues, and they work hard every day to earn it. if you want then to win, you will support them.

just watching it on tv, it's hard to take. i want to hit the mute button to stop the crowd. a player makes a tiny mistake, or gets unlucky, and you boo. as a fan of baseball, it's sad to see. and as a fan of philadelphia, you should root for them. because if you boo, they will lose. a fan that loves their team will never boo.

for a city with a history of racism, it's time to stop the hate.
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