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Thursday, April 12, 2007
king felix
the stuff felix hernandez had last night was the sickest stuff i've ever seen. and it's not even close. there are a lot of articles about the game, but no one's really talking about the stuff. the stuff is good. they're saying that. but they're not talking about the stuff.

the curve ball. i don't know about the gun espn uses. it seems like they get faster all the time. but the curve ball came in at 87 mph. let's say it's three mph faster than the guns we're used to. that makes it an 84-mph curveball. that's still faster than anything i've ever seen. but numbers are not gonna describe it, because it's art. art cannot be described by numbers.

the bend on that curve ball was like a laser beam off a mirror. like paper folded over a table. i'm having trouble thinking of words to describe it. the thing bent. it didn't just bend. it creased. it was like a split-fingered fastball, but harder. it was unbelievable.

he was throwing it at eye-level and it was falling into the strike zone. usually that's a hanging curveball. but it could not be hit. players could not hit this curveball. i don't know how you throw that pitch. i thought a curveball had to be slow, or it wouldn't break.

he also threw a 93-mph slider. i've seen john smoltz throw it 90. i've never seen 93. with bite. everything he threw bit. the four-seam fastball flew two feet to the side. and it came in at 99. he also threw a straight change, at 89, and a sinking fastball. that sank.

it's time to pray for health. whatever god you have, pray for king felix's health. because if he stays healthy, he's gonna do amazing things. he's already done amazing things, and he's gonna get better.
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