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Friday, January 26, 2007
major league baseball hates its fans
major league baseball is considering terminating the extra-innings package. it would give the deal to directv instead. i read about it on baseball prospectus, in an article by joe sheehan.

joe sheehan is a good writer. but that does not make him right. he says it's a good move. alienating your fans is not a good move.

the profit would be 30 million dollars. 30 million dollars is one-and-a-half yankees. call it two. major league baseball would alienate its most dedicated fans for the price of two yankees.

it doesn't make sense. major league baseball has had a pattern of mistreating its fans. it's time to break that pattern. sooner or later the fans stop coming.
Joe's not the only one at BP that has written on the topic:

The Ledger Domain: The Monopolizing of MLB's Extra Innings Package
thanks for the link!
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