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Sunday, May 28, 2006
sunday sunday sunday
this gamblin thing:

braves (smoltz) at cubs (ryu): risking 40.20 to win 20.00

seems pretty clear. i think the braves win more than 2 out of 3.

cardinals (mulder) at padres (peavy): risking 20.00 to win 21.00

cardinals can hit peavy. and mulder can shut down that lineup.

mariners/twins under 8: risking 20.00 to win 20.60

johan should shut them down. and the twins lineup can't score that many on anybody. it's pineiro this time.

orioles (benson) at angels (escobar): risking 20.00 to win 28.80

this was a bad bet. i made it before i knew gibbons was out. benson's a bad pitcher against a bad lineup. so that part's good.

white sox/blue jays over 10.5: risking 21.00 to win 20.00

power hitters against soft tossers (garland and taubenheim).

dodgers (seo) at nationals (ortiz): risking 19.20 to win 15.00

i bet this line last night. it's a pretty clear case of a good lineup against a bad lineup. then the line moved and i bet it again:

dodgers (seo) at nationals (ortiz): risking 23.80 to win 20.00

that nationals lineup is bad.

mets (hernandez) at marlins (nolasco): risking 14.80 to win 10.00
indians/tigers over 9.5: risking 17.55 to win 15.00
astros/pirates over 9.5: risking 15.00 to win 15.60

victor martinez isn't playing. so that sucks. astros kill lefties.

brewers (eveland) at phillies (madson): risking 20.00 to win 26.60

eveland's a lefty strikeout pitcher. should do well against the phillies. reasonably well. and we're hoping the brewers bomb madson.

rockies/giants over 8.5: risking 20.00 to win 20.20

i just did this a minute ago. byung-hyung kim is better in colorado than san fransisco. and he'll have trouble against a contact lineup. and the rockies can score on wright. maybe. i don't know. it's not such a good bet.

devil rays/red sox over 10.5: risking 10.00 to win 11.60

i got a little carried away.

d-backs/reds over 9.5: risking 17.40 to win 15.00

i keep doing this.

brewers (eveland) at phillies (madson): risking 10.00 to win 14.10

the line moved.

yankees (wright) v. royals (hernandez): risking 33.00 to win 10.00

do the yankees win better than 10 out of 13? i don't know.

i should exercise a little more restraint.
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