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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
more of the gamble
these are the bets i have for today:

cubs (maddux) at marlins (moehler): risking 12.60 to win 10.00
astros (oswalt) at nationals (o'connor): risking 28.40 to win 20.00
braves (thompson) at padres (young): risking 20.00 to win 21.80
indians (sabathia) at twins (radke): risking 15.60 to win 10.00
red sox (clement) v. yankees (johnson): risking 12.60 to win 10.00
dodgers (sele) v. rockies (cook): risking 12.60 to win 10.00
blue jays (towers) v. devil rays (fossum): risking 16.60 to win 10.00

the two i feel most confident of, obviously, are the astros and braves. i can't believe the braves were dogs the whole series. the red sox bet and the cubs bet, i think, are weak. the cubs just can't score runs. and clement could be bad. the dodgers bet ain't great either, but rockies in los angeles . . . you just gotta go for it.

blue jays devil rays should be a slugfest. big advantage for the jays. the odds are steep though, which makes this the fourth-best bet. indians powerful lineup should bash radke, who is vulnerable to the long ball. and c.c. sabathia should be effective against the twins weak/finesse lineup. actually this is a very good bet. maybe i'll double it.

the price came down. i bet it again. i'm now risking 31.00 to win 20.00.

altogether i'm risking 133.80.

the cardinals with chris carpenter is a good matchup against the giants, but noah lowry is good too so that mitigates it. the diamondbacks should have no trouble with duke, but the pirates will similarly beat up batista. so neither of those bets are worth it.
just slapped a 20 dollar bet on alay soler at +109. i figure the mets can kill jon lieber. lefty power hitters and all that.
also put a bet on the white sox. lefty-righty splits great both ways. 10 bucks at -137.
mariners -129. 10 bucks. splits are good. o's bullpen bad.
. . . and another ten on the white sox. -135.

cubs lost -12.60
astros lost -28.40
braves won +21.80
indians won +20.00
red sox lost -12.60
dodgers won +10.00
blue jays lost -16.60
mets won +21.80
white sox won +20.00
mariners won +10.00

total: +33.40

season so far: bet 324.20 won 85.90
roi: 26%
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