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Monday, May 01, 2006
the minor leagues
did you know there was a fernando valenzuela jr? it's true. he's a first baseman for the mobile baybears. he's had a bad start, with only 2 extra-base hits in 57 at-bats. what are his chances for improvement?

Career Batting Statistics for Fernando Valenzuela Jr.:
Year Team Lg. Age Org Lvl AAB W K HR 23 WAL CON POW AVG
2003 UNLV NCAA 21 0 NCA 250 59 24 14 20 .191 .904 .150 .337
2003 Eugene Nwes 21 Sd A- 264 53 47 5 11 .167 .822 .074 .248
2004 Fort Wayne Midw 22 Sd A 509 67 63 11 25 .116 .876 .081 .295
2005 Lake Elsinor Cali 23 Sd A+ 535 68 84 12 32 .113 .843 .098 .296

well, he went to unlv, where he hit for patience, contact, and power. judging from the fact that it's in a desert, it's probably a hitter's park. but he's had patience and contact at every level as he's moved up.

the thing he hasn't had is power. he's had a little, but not a lot. luckily for him, power is the thing that almost everybody gets as they move into their middle twenties.

so he's all set then, right? he doesn't have any weaknesses, but he doesn't have any strengths either. his patience and contact are decent, but neither are stellar. and though he figures to develop power, he probably won't develop enough to be above replacement level.

that's what we're looking at here. a replacement-level first baseman. if those numbers were at higher levels, things would be better. he's a little old as prospects go. which makes him a longshot.
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