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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
net win shares value
the guys at the harball times came up with something called net win shares value. it's some sort of value per dollars thing. apparently they compute how many dollars a player would be worth, given his win shares, and subtract his contract. the result is his net win shares value.

that link up there has a good list of highlights. the highest rating went to jason bay. bay is good, but in my opinion the best value in 2005 was miguel cabrera. second best? dontrelle willis.

brian roberts, travis hafner, carlos delgado (contract balloons in 2006), morgan ensberg, joe mauer, and david wright were the other ones over 10 million.

over 8 were felipe lopez, jeff kent, david eckstein, jake peavy, noah lowry, richie sexson, carl crawford, and nick johnson.

the oakland a's had an impressively-valued pitching staff.

what was johan santana's contract? 5.5 million. his nwsv was barely over 7. that's too low. he was worth way more than 12.5 million.
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