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Saturday, January 14, 2006
everybody's an idiot
here's an article about young yankees. it suggests that robinson cano will not be as good as alfonso soriano. it also says he has a bad attitude. i will address both points.

1. robinson cano is already better than alfonso soriano. soriano swings at everything, and misses a lot. cano swings too much -- it's true -- but he makes way better contact. soriano has more power, but it is only a little bit better than cano's.

even in fielding, cano is better. way better. cano is a good fielder. soriano is a terrible fielder.

2. the first piece of evidence that robinson cano has a bad attitude: he signed autographs, but didn't act like he enjoyed it. the second piece of evidence: he occasionally didn't talk to the media.

give me a fucking break. his job is not to smile and be nice. his job is to play baseball. and he's damn good at it. he could never smile or talk to anyone again for all i care.

the other thing it says is cano is likely to decline in 2006. this is ridiculous. he's 22. young players improve. where is this coming from?

now here's something from david pinto about dale murphy. it talks about his credentials for the hall of fame. it says he wasn't as good a hitter as pedro guerrero, mike schmidt, don mattingly, eddie murray, george brett, and jack clark.

what is wrong with this picture? those guys were all corner infielders. dale murphy was a center fielder. he played a much more important defensive position.

i'm not saying dale murphy is a hall-of-famer, but lets compare apples to apples.

my final bit of hate is on eddie murray. he's the new hitting coach of the dodgers. now eddie murray was a great hitter with a great career, which i will never have a bad word to say about. but if he's telling young hitters to swing at the first pitch, he's ruining careers. now, this is just some shit he said to the media. who knows what he'll do. but let's be clear: swinging at the first pitch is wrong. taking pitches is right.
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