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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
the new men of baseball
j.p. ricciardi. he always says insightful things. honest things. he gives you his position; he exercises sound judgement. straightforward.

the jays signed him through 2010. team president said free agents wanted to know if he would be there. he said yes. with money.

this is new. players signing because of the general manager. many players want to go to a winning team. they'll go to the yankees, a good bet; or a team that's spending money. they look around and say "these players are good. these players can win."

all players are good. major league baseball players are good at playing baseball. looking at the players a team has does not help you evaluate their long-term success.

i've never heard of a player signing because of sound team-building principles. paul byrd took less money to sign with the indians. he praised mark shapiro for getting rid of the veterans and bringing in young talent. he's there because he wants to win. for the future.
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