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Saturday, November 19, 2005
the writing is on the wall
does anyone realize that the yankees are fucked?

they won the division. great. but consider:

1. they're paying jason giambi $65 million for the next three years (including the $5 million buyout in 2009).

2. they're paying randy johnson $32 million for the next two years.

3. the jeet's getting $19 million a year. $19 million next year. then $20 million for 2007 2008 2009. then $21 million for 2010. that's a hundred million.

4. posada gets $13.5 million next year. that includes $4 million of his signing bonus. then in 2007, he gets $12 million dollars.

5. they just signed matsui to that ridiculous contract. $52 million for four years.

6. arod. signed through 2010. yanks pay most of his $25 million a year. rangers pay the rest. yanks pay about $75 million. rangers pay about 50. the rangers are retards. is that right? it seems too ridiculous to be true.

7. they're gonna pay somebody to play center. giles maybe.

8. i could talk about sheff but he's worth it.

9. the dh is gonna be bubba crosby or andy phillips. or somebody they pay for.

what else. carl pavano. mike mussina. the pitching staff is a mess. rivera is good but expensive and he doesn't have many years left. what about the rest of the pen? are they gonna pay gordon?

the only thing they have of value is robinson cano. everything else is old and getting worse.

when you get worse, you lose games.

they were lucky this year. aaron small and shawn chacon and chien-ming wang are not gonna do what they did.

well they'll do what they did but they won't get lucky like that. that was ridiculous luck.

am i the only one who sees this?

the whole division is kind of crappy. the future is the devil rays and blue jays. 2006 is probably the red sox. we'll see.
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