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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
new young stars
we've seen a lot of callups this year. who are the best? that's what we want to know. actually we want to know who will be the best in 3 years. who do you want in your keeper league.

aaron hill had a good day today. four-for-four, home run. he's got patience, power, and contact. and he's 23. he's two years out of college. this is the kind of guy that develops so fast baseball prospectus doesn't notice. a guy like, dare i say, albert pujols?

robinson cano. all these guys have minor league stats in these pages. except the pitchers. cano makes great contact, which is why he moved up so easily. he also has good power. which makes it possible that he'll learn to walk, which so far he hasn't.

andrew sisco. shit, the kid's got nasty stuff. the kind of stuff that gets prognosticators excited. kyle davies, on the other hand, does it with control. both are good. tim stauffer is a mixture of both. kameron loe also looks pretty good.

ages: cano sisco 22 go look at sisco's minor league numbers at the baseball cube. there's a link over on the sidebar.

kelly johnson (23) had a bad start, but he's raised his average 171 points in six games. you don't see that every day. he and hill are the top young hitters right now.

a player who's not so young but is breaking out is lance neikro.

a lot of braves. betemit.

players already in the majors who are starting to break out: coco crisp,

players who don't look like they're doing well but will: omar infante, adam laroche, jj hardy (22). chris snyder but he has to improve his contact. the other guys just need to keep playing.

more: victor martinez. second-half supercrush. (26)

russ adams also figures to improve. he's 24. blue jays got young stars coming out of their ears. similar to the a's. hmm.

laroche has really improved his contact. instead of terrible, it's now slightly below average. other braves, langerhans and marte, have bright futures, marte especially because he's young: 21.

phillies: rollins has become a superstar. utley's looking good, too. also, as i think you've noticed, brett myers. and gavin floyd will be a star.

jeremy reed: just needs a little more power. he's 24.

that covers everyone on my and josh's fantasy teams. but i gotta go.
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