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Friday, January 14, 2005
you need more stuff
rob again:

Here are the top 10 projected starting pitchers in my Scoresheet league.
Players with ** next too their name are on my team.

0.074 0.663 0.121 MARTINEZ PEDRO**
0.070 0.686 0.124 JOHNSON RANDY
0.085 0.706 0.113 SANTANA JOHAN
0.050 0.748 0.107 SCHILLING CURT
0.053 0.790 0.099 MUSSINA MIKE
0.104 0.762 0.100 HARDEN RICH**
0.069 0.785 0.115 VAZQUEZ JAVIER
0.072 0.797 0.107 MILLWOOD KEVIN
0.078 0.803 0.100 HUDSON TIM**
0.069 0.798 0.099 PETTITTE ANDY


projected using what method? is your league al-only or both? cause tim hudson's a national leaguer.

how is the ranking done?

this is interesting because it shows just how good some of these guys are. look at curt schilling's walk percentage, for example. also it shows how unlucky javier vazquez was.

where do you get your data because i've been having trouble getting doubles and triples allowed for pitchers. i've been using dougstats.com
Need some little league baseball then take a look.
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