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Thursday, January 27, 2005
more mail
this is from andrew goodrich:

I was going to dig into the research and find some numbers to back me up, but I'll let it go. Because, as a Tiger fan, I'm curious what you think about Curtis Granderson. Logan does have a cool name though. And he was a fine 'guy' last year in limited duty.

p.s. Pierzynski, doesn't take walks, doesn't take pitches, doesn't leg it to first....hits into double plays, hits doubles, hits .300, but doesn't really get on base.Great hitter for a catcher, but no better a #5 slot, and killed so many Bonds rallies....the Bizarro, less-desirable Posada. Somewhat similar hitter to Nomar actually, without the slugging. I still kinda like tho.

the pierzynski-nomar comparison is apt. both make great contact. i think the white sox actually made a strong pickup with pierzynski. he's valuable because he can hit any pitcher.

curtis granderson, well, the sky's the limit for this kid:

Year Age Team Lg. aab w k hr 23 wal con pow avg
2002 21 Oneonta NYPL 213 27 35 3 19 .113 .836 .124 .344
2003 22 Lakeland FSL 479 61 91 11 39 .113 .810 .129 .286
2004 23 Erie East 466 84 95 21 27 .153 .796 .129 .303
2004 23 Detroit AL 25 3 8 0 2 .107 .680 .118 .240

first of all, he's 23, and he's already got patience. and power. he hit 21 home runs in 2004, and may have been unlucky with doubles. expect pow to go up this year. also, his con has remained steady despite promotions every year, which is crucial.

he'll probably start the year in triple-a. with the rapid progress he's shown so far, it's entirely possible that he'll end up in the show by the end of the year.

it's funny, we were in chicago at the same time. if i had known, i could have gone and seen him.

this is an exciting time to be a tigers fan. i'm not kidding. i love rebuilding periods, when you have a people who know what they're doing. people like dave dombrowski.

there are some promising players on this team. omar infante had a breakout season last year, brandon inge became useful, marcus thames started crushing, and chris shelton should contribute.

as far as more established players go, carlos guillen is a murderer, and pudge rodriguez is obviously an asset. and jeremy bonderman is going to start dominating.

they won't compete for the division, but they might beat the white sox. with the development programs of the twins, indians, and tigers, the al central is on the rise.
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