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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
i'm finishing my coffee
arbitration signings are always the interesting ones. that sentence is meaningless. the best players are in arbitration because arbitration is the 4th--6th years of a major-league career. these players are always a bargain.

news i read today:

santana asks for $6.8 million.

see what i mean about bargains? randy johnson makes $16 million; clemens asked for $22 million.

last year santana asked for $2.45 million and got $1.6 million.

look at the first two paragraphs of the article:

AL Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana asked the Minnesota Twins for a raise to $6.8 million in salary arbitration on Tuesday and was offered $5 million.

Santana went 20-6 with a league-leading 2.61 ERA and 265 strikeouts, helping the Twins win their third straight AL Central title. After the All-Star break, Santana went 13-0 with a 1.21 ERA in 15 starts.

that is not $5 million dollar talent. that's $15 million dollar talent. after the all-star break, santana went 13-0 with a 1.21 era in 15 starts. he asked for $6.8 million. he didn't even get $2.4 million last year.

reed on. carlos silva is being offered more than santana made last year. kyle lohse too.

has the world gone crazy?
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