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Sunday, December 26, 2004
one more thing
before i get to first basemen. . . .

klapisch on the a's on espn.com.

so the payroll stays at $58 million. how's the team in general? chavez will be better crosby will be better second base will be better hatteberg will be the same. catcher will be better no more jermaine dye full year of nick swisher charles thomas kielty byrnes kotsay they're lookin good. durazo. the offense will be way better.

relief pitching has improved.

starting pitching is down but the team as a whole could be better in 2005 than 2004. and they look *really* good in 2006.

jack cust

keith ginter

justin lehr

nelson cruz

i guess nelson was injured in 2003. who are the brewers gonna use at second base? oh yeah spivey. then weeks in 2005.
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