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Friday, December 24, 2004
jd drew
astros offer to beltran
alou a giant
rj update
drew a dodger

are the astros gonna get beltran? $96 million for 6 years sounds about right. but the yankees need a center fielder. i'm surprised they didn't go for beltre. they could have outbid the mariners. anyway you gotta figure the yanks'll go over $100 million.

alou a giant. overpaid veteran. becoming the norm at san fransisco. except for the left fielder. he is worth more than he's paid. he has provided value above his contract for years. i said the same thing again but i like the second way better.

rj. whatev.

drew. he's good. and the dodgers can afford him. why not. borderline strong contributor/diffference maker. we'll see when we get to the outfield rankings.

can the astros do it again? why not. no one else is really stepping it up in the national league. cubs depends on prior/wood.

what's up with this mulder trade?

a's trade mulder

to the cardinals for dan haren kiko calero daric barton.

ok guys i'm gonna tell you right now daric barton is good. he's 19 years old and he's hitting in the midwest league with patience, contact, and power. next year he'll start high a and finish aa. 2006 aaa/majors. barton makes the trade. is beane gonna trade zito? i guess you could call this a rebuilding phase but the a's are still gonna win a lot of games. is beane gonna spend the money he's saving on hudson and mulder? i guess he re-signed a bunch of folks.
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