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Monday, November 29, 2004
i'm an exhibitionist
i got a woman it's not eve it's sara i really dodged a bullet. we
hooked up and i wrote about it and she liked it. she's great. sara.
really sweet. i'm in love. of course. super smart she plays chess with
me and she challenges all my ideas and she's hot. i don't know i don't
know i don't know this might be it i've been in that frame of mind.
one of those girls that looks hot with clothes but then the clothes
come off and you realize how hot. long legs smooth skin perfect body
she plays piano and sings beautiful voice i wanna have children with
her i wanna have jewish children. her voice is so sexy everything she
does is so sexy she's really into me. i wanna learn hebrew. she's not
religious but she would be so much hotter if she were maybe i'll try
to get her into it.

so things are good yeah the thing with beane the a's give a mil a year
for two years then 2007 they get 5 mil. so that fixes all his payroll
problems with the dump of dye and yeah the players he unloaded are
crap. he signed those contracts i don't know why i guess he figured he
could trade them but kendall is the real deal. super contact he's
gonna work out great in the west. a's offense looks really good. beane
is building a team that can compete in the playoffs.

pittsburgh, it turns out, is just another small-market club.
littlefield knows his stuff but he's forced to say bullshit like "The
formula of one player eating up a significant portion of the payroll
just doesn't work." i still don't really know why he made this trade
he's only saving a few million a year i guess he saves 8 million in
2007 but he's gonna have trouble making up those wins. poor oliver
perez. the only player on a crappy team. jack wilson. that's it.

yeah vizquel. sabean thinks it's signing veterans that brings him
success his left fielder has fucked his reality. you are correct about
all your observations.

the other thing i was gonna say is i'm reading castaneda's "the art of
dreaming." good stuff.

i think i'm gonna post this whole thing on the blog.

On Thu, 25 Nov 2004 20:44:56 -0800 (PST), charles horecker wrote:
> i know the other thing i was thinking about. vizquel.
> for 12 mil and three years vizquel is not the answer
> for the giants who will always be a contender with
> barry. really. 12 mil for three years of a ss who will
> be 38! when the season starts. only 38. he isnt barry
> for christ sake. itr could be worse. it could be troy
> percival. and why did the indians resign wickman. hes
> terrible. and for the low low price of 2.75 mil. come
> on.
> on a smaller note why did the twins sign juan castro
> to back up for two years at a mil a year. couldnt they
> bring up a kid from the farm to do just as well for
> league minimum.
> ah. but now the real deal. why i am writing. jason
> kendall for redman and that piece of shite arthur
> rhodes. what do you think about that. kendall is
> overpaid. but great. i am surprised beane feels that
> he can take on the cost, though he would be shedding a
> bunch of salary in rhodes and redman, and he did just
> dump dye. so i dont know. it would be a great trade
> for oakland i think. and the pirates wouldnt really be
> picking anything up. nothing that will matter later
> on, which is the only time something could matter for
> the pirates.
> pedro will not sign with the yankees.
> found gabe shacked up with his whore in north
> thailand. terrible bitch but he is a glutton for
> punishment. i just now am beginning to grasp the full
> extent. its 70 everyday and a fried fish is a dollar
> fifty. the girls are brown and smooth the living is
> easy. i bet this doesnt send. peace.
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