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Sunday, August 29, 2004
something you've never seen before
that's the thing that's the best thing? about baseball it's the best thing right now. there's always something you've never seen before. today i saw my first case of a runner reaching first on defensive interference. it's one of the five ways to reach first: a hit, a base on balls, a hit-by-pitch, a strikeout, or defensive interference. (ed: i should have said "error" instead of "strikeout". i don't even believe this "five ways to reach base" thing. you can carve it up as many ways as you want. i think i got it from bill james.)

strikeout. ha! i love this game.

so i'm back. brian roberts at the plate runner goes little rock pitchout roberts pokes it. but the glove is in the way the catcher's mitt and roberts gets a base the catcher shakes his hand. his own, not roberts'.

as usual i'll be posting once a day for a week, then off three weeks, then 12 posts in one day, then off a month, then once a day for a week again.
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