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Monday, May 24, 2004
where barry bonds should bat
barry bonds should bat leadoff. it's true. at this point, his on-base skills are more valuable than his power skills. it's amazing but true.

say barry leads off and hits one out. what's that? that's right, 1-0. you're spotting yourself a one-run lead.

the point is this guy is so good you wanna give him as many plate appearances as possible. but the other thing is they'll pitch to him more often. lead bonds off and he hits 60 home runs every year.

barry hates the idea. he led off when he came up and told anyone who would listen how terrible it was. and it is somehow pathological. so fourth is fine. he'll lead off the second inning.

really, the giants should just order their lineup by on-base percentage. for any team, that's close to optimal, but you usually want your best hitter third. end transmission.
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