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Monday, April 05, 2004
what's wrong with pedro?
nothing. nothing is wrong with pedro. in 6 innings, he struck out five and walked one. a guy loses a game and all of a sudden buck martinez is talking about injury concerns and dave campbell is saying they rattled him.

pedro martinez does not get rattled.

in other news, javy lopez can still hit.

grudzielanek is out.

corey patterson hit it out. joe morgan says dusty baker didn't want to see that. he knows it sounds strange. sammy's up. out. moises alou fly to dunn.

here comes kerry wood!

ground ball hit second base. barry larkin. i take it back. kerry wood is the best pitcher in baseball.

grudzy with a nifty double play!

aramis ramirez. i have a thousand-push-up bet with charles that he'll be good this year. define good. there is no need. it's a gentleman's bet. gb 3b.

derrek lee. good curve by corey lidle. another curve, then a change up. strike three you're out!

austin kearns. "this is a power match-up when these two guys get together." ---john miller. we all know that means the pitcher wins. gb e6. adam dunn. strikeout.

halladay is carving tigers.

kerry wood is so good.

grudzielanek turn the double play! that's two good grudzies!

that's just 2 innings. 34 to go! i was worried last night that i didn't like this game anymore.

wood works it 3-0 but gounds out to second. time to post.
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