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Monday, April 05, 2004
everything bill james does is funky
alex belth got to talk to bill james. everyone's hero. everyone thinks he's the best because they red him and at some point he said something that made them think he agrees with them. but he don't.

and then they grab on to some piece of some thing he said and think it's the most important thing in baseball. but it was just a thought he had one day. he don't give a shit about it.

the same thing happens with nietzsche.

do people really think this is a good interview? everybody says it is. the thing is, everything bill james says is gold. so it's a good interview. but he's sitting there telling you how terrible the questions are. and he's right: they're terrible. a bill james interview could be so much more. instead we get tiny sparkles shining through the fog of ignorance.

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