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Thursday, April 01, 2004
april fools!
i'd play a joke on you guys, but there's like two people who read this blog and i wouldn't wanna risk one of you not getting it and i'd be down to one reader. with my luck, it'd be the freak who likes french-kissing better than sex.

i'm not helping things by taking a week and a half off, but i got a little burned out by all that prospect analysis. let's recap and then move on, cause opening day it's about to be!

i started off with a look at the baseball prospectus top 50, which starts here and ends here. then i noticed that aaron gleeman did one and i was like "if he can do it i can do it" so i did.

maybe i left some guys out. i don't know. i didn't look at every single minor-leaguer. so when i found the baseball america top 100 list i analyzed that. there were a couple guys i missed. if there's anyone else, he's so buried it's not worth worrying about.

what else do we talk about? everything! i saw adam laroche go granny on octavio dotel today. that was fun. kevin brown hurt the d-rays, but that's exactly the kind of team he beats. ok he beats all kinds of teams, but especially contact hitters. and alex rodriguez looked like eric chavez out there.

the season's coming up! opening day comes after the first game! here are my predictions! shazam!
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