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Saturday, March 20, 2004
who are these people?
they're prospects!

27. jeff francoeur, 20, of, braves

there was a time when i trumpeted the glory of the scientist. but now i am much more impressed by those who know.

francoeur has power, contact, and a little speed. he needs to improve his patience. if i had known about him, i would have put him at 32, between gonzalez and crosby.

36. kyle sleeth, 23, p, tigers

a great dinger-shunner in the homer-happy ncaa, kyle excelled in a tough conference. however, he may not have the strikeouts required to make it to the top.

37. sergio santos, 21, ss, diamondbacks

i'm assuming he's a great defender, because there's nothing that suggests he can hit.

38. john van benschoten, 24, p, pirates

low home runs, low strikeouts.

39. hanley ramirez, 21, ss, red sox

decent contact, decent power, fast. i'd probably put him in the 40's.

44. jeff allison, 20, p, marlins

his professional record tells us nothing. high school numbers are fun: in 63.2 innings, jeff struck out 142 and walked 9. his era was 0.14. i wouldn't rank him this year, but i bet i will next year.

47. blake hawksworth, 21, p, cardinals

blake threw 86.2 innings innings last year, and only allowed 2 home runs. strikeouts will be a challenge.

48. brad nelson, 21, ??, ??

there are two brad nelsons, and they're the same age. maybe they figured if either one made it, they could take credit. neither of them will.

50. taylor bucholz, 23, p, astros

he looks like a little kid in the picture, but he's 6'4", 225. there's nothing in his numbers. don't tell him i said that.

53. jeremy guthrie, 25, p, indians

0 hr in 62.2 innings in akron, then he got rocked in buffalo. not gonna make it.

55. kris honel, 22, p, white sox

he's probably a smart player, but his arm is nothing special.

56. justin jones, 20, lefty, cubs

lots of strikeouts, very few home runs. keep an eye on him.

57. ian stewart, 19, 3b-l, rockies

good power in the pioneer league. needs work with contact.

58. clint everts, 20, p, expos

nothing special yet. we'll see.

59. denny bautista, 22, p, marlins

61 strikeouts in 53.1 innings for the carolina mudcats, but also 35 walks, 5 hr.

60. michael hinckley, 22, lefty, expos

decent home run limitation. could have lefty mojo.

63. travis blackley, 22, lefty, mariners

too many walks, not enough strikeouts. (ag 36)

65. ryan harvey, ??, of, ??

there are two ryan harveys. one of them is 25 and can't hit in the sally league. the other was the sixth pick of the 2003 draft. in the arizona league, he struck out 21 times in 51 at-bats.

66. jd durbin, 22, p, twins

he may not have major-league stuff, but he'll always have 2002 with the quad city river bandits.

67. scott olsen, 20, lefty, marlins

lefty mojo. needs control.

68. chris lubanski, 19, of-l, royals

in his first year in the minors, he struck out a bunch.

69. manuel parra, 22, lefty, brewers

pretty good control, but he must increase the mojo.

71. alberto callaspo, 21, 2b, angels

good patience, great contact. a rare combination. must increase the power. i like his chances.

75. bubba nelson, 23, p, braves

lots of strikeouts at low levels, but control is a problem.

76. fausto carmona, 21, p, indians

in 2003 he made a deal with the devil, and went 17-4 with a 2.06 era.

77. andy sisco, 21, lefty, cubs

don't you love it when i say lefty mojo? you have no idea what i'm talking about, do you?

80. john danks, 19, lefty, rangers

22 strikeouts in 13 innings in the arizona league, followed by 13 strikeouts in 12 innings in the northwest league.

81. matt moses, 19, 3b-l, twins

65 at-bats in the gulf coast league, with 9 strikeouts and 6 extra-base hits.

82. dan meyer, 23, lefty, braves

158 strikeouts in 160 innings last year, with 32 walks and 13 home runs.

83. dustin nippert, 23, p, diamondbacks

96 strikeouts in 95.2 innings, with 32 walks and 4 home runs.

84. mike jones, 21, p, brewers

63 strikeouts in 97.2 innings, with 47 walks and 4 home runs.

85. felix pie, 19, of-l, cubs

borderline ability in patience, contact, power, and speed. i'd trade for him.

86. lastings milledge, 19, of, mets

ask me next year.

87. francisco rosario, 24, p, blue jays

143 strikeouts in 129.2 innings, with 39 walks and 8 home runs.

88. matt peterson, ??, ??, mets

too much information.

90. nick markakis, 21, of-l, orioles

33 strikeouts in 205 at-bats, with 18 extra-base hits and 30 walks. so far, so good.

91. matthew cain, 20, p, giants

90 strikeouts in 74 innings, with 24 walks and 5 home runs.

92. bobby brownlie, ??, p, cubs

59 strikeouts in 66 innings, with 24 walks and 2 home runs. not sure which hand he throws with.

93. jeff francis, 23, lefty, rockies

153 strikeouts in 160.2 innings, with 45 walks and 8 home runs.

94. jayson nix, 22, if, rockies

131 strikeouts in 562 at-bats, with 54 walks and 67 extra-base hits.

95. joey gathright, 22, of-l, devil rays

69 strikeouts in 425 at-bats, with 46 walks and 10 extra-base hits. that's right, he's a slap-and-run speedster! he stole 69 bases. he'll be on major-league rosters.

96. aaron hill,

i'd tell you about him, but the baseball cube shut down.

97. bryan bullington, 24, p, pirates

113 strikeouts in 142.2 innings, with 38 walks and 8 home runs.

98. brent clevlen,

99. jake dittier,

100. jason lane, 28, of, astros

wow, he beat the crap out of the ball in the minors. but he struck out a lot. then last year he really reduced his strikeouts. there was some power loss, but it wasn't terrible. he may yet make it.
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