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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
sickels is clueless too
these guys are never gonna make it.

what do i mean by "make it"? i'm intentionally vague on that definition. it's because some players who are good enough to make it don't and some guys who aren't do. let's say a guy makes it if he's a major-league regular for a few years.

we don't even really care about those guys, even. they're not gonna make much of a difference to a team's won-loss record. what we really wanna know is who's gonna be a star?

let me also say a little more about scouts. i am not one of those numbers guys who thinks scouts are useless. i think scouts are vital to a major-league organization. that said, i don't pay much attention to scouting, because i think it's important to develop numbers-based analysis independently. then, we'll have two complementary ways of knowing things that can be used in tandem.

and there is a lot of work to be done with numbers. the scouts are still way ahead of us.
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