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Saturday, March 13, 2004
note from aziz
i like letters. they give me a chance to clarify things. not retract, clarify.

.230 with no power is worse than sucking: it's unusable. mauer won't embarrass himself in a jack cust way, it'll be more of a neifi perez way. neifi has had a long, lucrative career, though, so who am i?

i think mauer's got a good shot; i just think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves.

i haven't seen him, but i heard he slimmed down. either way, what i meant by "total package" was "total hitting package". it's a good thing you pointed that out. i wouldn't want to anoint young prince a star of speed or glove. but a bat that big will get in the lineup.

unmentioned, but not forgotten. mini-raffy is a special player, but he's not yet clearly better than matsui.
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