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Sunday, March 14, 2004
more more more!
you're never satisfied, are you?


34. edwin encarnacion, 21, 3b, reds

decent contact, mild power, good speed. he's gonna make it.

35. chris snelling, 23, of, mariners

a shooting star until a knee injury derailed him in 2002. hasn't yet returned to his previous level. maybe it was an ankle injury. something nasty and leg-related. left-handed.

36. jason bay, 26, of, pirates

20 hr in 307 ab for portland in 2003. also 71 strikeouts. has the speed to play center, but maybe not the arm. he'll be usable for a couple years.

37. clint nageotte, 24, p, mariners

214 strikeouts in 164.2 innings for san bernardino in 2002. then moved up a level and struck out 157 in 154, with only 6 hr. in the texas league! must be some kind of nasty sinker/slider combination. i'd like to see him pitch. underrated at #37, assuming his arm holds together. needs to work on control.

38. ervin santana, 21, p, angles

130 strikeouts in 124 innings for the quakes last year, with 36 bb. got a little shook up by the long ball. aa this year. the world is his oyster.
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