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Saturday, March 20, 2004
the joy of google
as you've probably noticed, most of the names in my top 50 prospect list are taken from lists by baseball prospectus and aaron gleeman. imagine my delight when i discovered, among other lists, the baseball america top 100! here are the guys i haven't talked about:

13. adam loewen, 24, lefty, orioles

adam went to chipola junior college, where he was a 900-lb gorilla. then he jumped directly to a-ball and performed well.

if you're me, you're sitting there going ". . . high school . . . then one year of college . . . then pro ball in the same year . . . how the hell is he 24 (in april)?"

the answer is the whalley chiefs. in 2002, he had a 0.27 era with 90 strikeouts in 52 innings.

then you find out that he was 17 in 2001, and you realize that the toronto star fucked up.

i was gonna say he's too old to be that far from the majors, but now i gotta say something else.

go get em, kid. the world is yours.
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