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Saturday, March 13, 2004
it's so easy
the numbers say so much, but no one knows how to look at them.

11. justin morneau, 23, 1b, twins

i think we've figured out what the twins like: young lefties with a quick, sweet swing. this kid can hit. the other thing he can do is hit. must improve patience.

12. scott kazmir, 20, p, mets

145 strikeouts in 109.1 innings at two different levels in a-ball last year. 44 bb, 6 hr. left-handed. is there any analysis required here? best prospect i've seen so far.

13. bobby crosby, 24, ss, a's

tejada's designated successor. i hate to say this (i don't know why), but he's gonna bust. he can field, he can run, and he hits the ball a long way, but he can't make contact. i wonder if he reminds beane of himself. he even looks like him.

14. casey kotchman, 21, 1b, angels

young lefty with contact and power. the magic 8-ball says yes.

15. alexis rios, 23, cf, blue jays

kazmir is now my number two prospect. i'm gonna go on record and say alexis rios is the best prospect in all of baseball. he makes contact, hits for power, runs, fields, and throws. what's not to like? baseball america has him at #6. and he was born on the 51st anniversary of the discovery of pluto.
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