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Sunday, March 14, 2004
here we go round the mulberry bush . . .
pop! goes the weasel!


31. delmon young, 19, of, devil rays

don't confuse him with this guy. in 61 ab for adolfo camarillo high school last year, delmon hit .541 with 7 hr and 28 rbi. baseball america has him at #3. can we have a little sanity here?

for more meaningless data, click here.

32. josh barfield, 22, 2b, padres

i used to think the padres were smart, but now it seems they're just fascinated by strikeouts. by hitters.

he's got power. what else is new?

33. greg miller, 20, p, dodgers

here he is! . . . just kidding. he's the good 6'5", left-handed greg miller. ok that was mean. good luck to you with the rest of your career, greg! looks like he was rolling along pretty good: 146 k in 136.2 ip, then a trade to houston (with adam everett for his brother carl), and injury. the life of a young pitcher.

greg miller, the #8 prospect in baseball america, is also injured. it doesn't sound that bad, though. for a more pessimistic viewpoint, go here.

what? you wanna know how good he is? i already wrote about that.
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