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Monday, March 01, 2004
for amusement only
good old thugler.

best bets: giants, a's, braves, twins. the red sox are a decent bet.

horrible bets: angels, phillies, yankees, padres, white sox, royals.

best longshot: indians.

the d-backs have a shot if barry goes down. put your diamonds on the diamondbacks.

you know, i kind of like the "two or more tied" option. going backwards, vernon wells, troy glaus, shawn green, richie sexson, mike lowell, lance berkman, alfonso soriano, albert pujols, and adam dunn strike me as possibilities. arod will see his production drop in anti-righty stadium, as mr 2 years older will see his rise. i wouldn't bet on bonds. he won't get enough at-bats. and this steroid hoopla could cause problems. albert pujols emerges as the best hitter in the majors this year. don't bet on any catchers. you will not be amused. this is for amusement only.

take the over on the diamondbacks, braves, red sox, cubs, marlins, and indians. take the under on the orioles, reds, rockies, and, if you're feeling saucy, the tigers. thugler didn't post the other lines.

yes he did:

take the under on the mets, yankees, and padres. maybe the phillies, but they're in a weak division. maybe the devil rays, but they actually have talent. it's just that their division is a crusher. when a bet has two contrary indicators, i say leave it alone.

go over on the athletics and giants. these are the two most obvious bets on the list, followed by the new york teams. make that east coast bias work for you! for your amusement, that is.
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