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Saturday, March 13, 2004
counting down . . .
where this list came from (your subscription has expired)

people get mad at me because i don't back up what i say. who do i think i am? who are you? i don't care if you agree with me.

you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

16. ryan wagner, 22, p, reds

in 2003, he threw 79.1 innings for houston, of the ncaa, and struck out 148. then he threw 9 innings in the minors, striking out 10. then he threw 21.2 innings for cincinnati, of the national league, and struck out 25.

i don't think he's a prospect anymore. i think he made it.

17. guillermo quiroz, 23, c, blue jays

he's got strikeout issues but damn this kid hits the crap out of the ball. i'm optimistic.

18. jeff mathis, 21, c, angels


19. dallas mcpherson, 24, 3b, angels

super ditto.

actually, this one's not gonna make it. if you can't make contact in rancho cucamonga, you sure as hell can't make contact in the majors.

20. jj hardy, 22, ss, brewers

this one i like. good contact, power that should develop. how's his defense?

21. cole hamels, 21, p, phillies

2003 was his first professional season. i think he came straight out of high school. anyway, he started 13 games for the lakewood blue claws, packing 74.2 innings with 115 strikeouts. his era was 0.84. then he moved to the florida state league and struck out 32 in 26.1 innings. he has yet to allow a home run. he's a lefty.

22. franklin gutierrez, 21, of, dodgers

strikeouts, strikeouts, and dongs. he's young yet.

23. dustin mcgowan, 22, p, blue jays

nothing special in the stats. maybe he's a groundball pitcher. if he is, he's good.

24. grady sizemore, 22, of, indians

killed it in akron last year. lefty. underrated at #24. baseball america has him at #9.

25. james loney, 20, 1b, dodgers

decent contact, decent power. lefty. i like his chances.

26. david dejesus, 25, cf, royals

good contact, mild power. lefty. patient. the more i look at him, the more optimistic i get.

27. chin-hui tsao, 23, p, rockies

cooks with gas. got shook up pretty good in coors. needs to settle down and throw strikes. easier said than done.

28. khalil greene, 25, ss, padres

lots of hype, but the numbers aren't that great. he's got potential, but he's not getting any younger.

29. matt riley, 25, p, orioles

i'm not really sure why bp has him on the list. he's a lefty, which is nice, but his strikeout numbers don't blow you away, and he walks too many people.

30. dioner navarro, 20, c, yankees

first i heard of this guy was in a trade rumor for adrian beltre.
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