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Sunday, February 15, 2004
nobody's done the analysis right. i mean i haven't checked, but nobody's done the analysis right, so i'm gonna have to do it. the yankees just got a lot better. alfonso soriano is the most overrated player in the majors. he is an out machine. so it's not a big loss. and mr rodriguez is obviously a killer. did i ever tell you that my friend matt got taunted by arod once? 'strue. he was at a track meet at the young demigod's high school. the track was next to the baseball diamond. my friend has long dreds, or did, and the team took advantage of the opportunity to tell him what they thought. that's the story.

yeah so this improves the defense, which can no longer be called bad. here's what's gonna happen: jeter's gonna move to second. it's obvious. second base is his natural position. they're saying arod will play third so they don't cause an uproar. but they'll make a big deal out of it and say "what a captain, he's changing positions for the good of his team, blah blah blah." jeter will succeed at second. his problem has always been his arm. i bet he'll even be pretty good at turning the double play.

ok so good defense + kevin brown = even more benefit. this move solves all the problems. if they pick up adrian beltre, even better. either way, they're now the favorite in the east. you knew when he signed that contract alex would eventually be a yankee.

pinstripes are ugly.
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