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Friday, January 09, 2004
what's an "aab"?

aab stands for "adjusted at-bats". aab = ab + sf.

what's a "w"?

w = bb + hbp.

what about the rest of this crap?

wal = (w)/(aab+w)

con = (aab-k)/(aab)

pow = (hr+2b+3b)/(aab-k)

can you tell us any fun facts?

con/4 + con*pow/2 is a good batting average predictor for slow guys.

can you tell us any other fun facts?


somewhere in here i've gotta put that "23" is my abbreviation for doubles plus triples. also i feel compelled to comment that the batting average predictor is also influenced by ground ball to fly ball ratio. those who hit more line drives hit for better average. this can also be seen in the distribution of extra-base hits. a player with a pile of doubles will hit for a better average than a player with a similar pow but more home runs. i've done a lot of work on systematizing this relationship; maybe one day i'll post something about it.

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