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Friday, January 30, 2004

by the win shares system, sheff was the second-best fielding third-baseman in the national league in 1992, with 5.74 win shares in 1247.2 innings. terry pendleton had 6.26 win shares in 1389.0 innings. those of you who have the lightning calculator advantage have already figured out that sheff had more win shares per 1000 innings: 4.60 to 4.51. tim wallach had 6.09 ws/1000, but he only played 700.2 innings. you know what, from now on, i'm gonna call that 700.7 innings. i refuse to use a number system that switches from base 10 to base 3 at the decimal point. unless it takes a lot of work. i refuse to do a lot of work.

actually, it wouldn't be a decimal point, would it? it would be a decimal/tricycle point, or something.

getting back to the subject at hand, clay davenport has mr sheffield at 25 runs above replacement in 1992. as fun as it is to bash rotoworld, i must admit that he was terrible the other years. i take consolation: 1992 was not sheff's last year at third. 1993 was.

did we learn anything here? i'm gonna say yes.

no, kidding aside, this is an excellent illustration: defense is not only the most difficult thing to measure, but also the most variable. why? the data come entirely from balls in play. do not taunt happy fun ball.

actual (real) good fielders: terry pendleton, tim wallach, charlie hayes, ken caminiti, robin ventura, gary gaetti, wade boggs.

previous generation: mike schmidt, graig nettles, darrell evans, ron santo, brooks robinson, two guys named boyer.
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