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Sunday, January 18, 2004
theories are like opinions.
here are the pitching numbers that i alluded to in my penultimate prior post. perfect past post. i have posted past perfect.

yeah: .071 wal .846 con .045 hrp at home .097 wal .861 con .034 hrp on the road. hrp is home run percentage.

that's what i'm sayin! these numbers are crazy! why are these numbers so crazy? know what i'm sayin? i have no idea.

actually, i do have an idea. wanna hear it?

of course you do. the idea is that since the ball doesn't break as much in coors (the players say this; the numbers do too) it's easy to throw strikes there. then the players go on the road and the ball goes all over the place and they don't have as much control.

everybody's got a theory. they're like opinions. everybody's an asshole.
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