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Sunday, December 14, 2003
yankees spend more money
steinbrenner just can't help himself. one of these days he's gonna explode. gonna?

so now brian cashman isn't allowed at the winter meetings, and they send yhency brazoban and brandon weeden (+ throw-ins) for the privelege of paying kevin brown's contract.

it's not that they're future stars; it's that they're all the yanks have. brazoban's actually kind of interesting. he's apparently a converted outfielder, so his arm probly still works, and he looks like he brings heat. don't be surprised if his k's surpass his innings in 2004.

they should run him out (the boss) now, instead of waiting for him to completely rid the team of all useful players like they did 15 years ago. you'd think they'd learn.

coming in 2005: "steinbrenner sucks, part 2".
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