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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
winter excitement
rumors rumors rumors. the rumors abound this time of year. but we don't get into that here at julien's baseball blog; we wait for the facts. then sometimes we analyze. although i gotta say we (i) get less and less excited about these winter meeting moves etc because the teams are businesses now. right, they've always been businesses but there used to be a kind of innocence, a kind of it's-not-necessarily-about-the-money. now it's definitely about the money. players are signed to contracts not to win games, but to generate profit. don't get me wrong, winning generates profit, but there are only a few teams that are confident enough in their ability to win that it's their only strategy. and if it's not your only strategy, it ain't gonna happen. with any regularity.

so the tigers signed fernando vina. the cardinals signed reggie sanders. statheads are steaming. but these teams don't think they're gonna win. they're not trying to win. they're trying to appear to be trying to win. they're placating the fans. that's why i don't have anything to say about the mets, or the orioles, or the royals, or the whoever else. they're businesses. i don't read the wall street journal; i don't care about the profits of news corp.

what do i care about? the players. i like to watch them. i like to rate them. i like to evaluate their talents. they're artists, and i appreciate their art. so that's what we'll be doing here. we'll leave the rest to the stockholders.

god i can't wait till april.
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